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What should be taught in our schools?

Below is a recording which provides a fascinating insight into the UK education system and although it is centred on the UK education system the issues discussed and opinions shared are global. “On March 3rd 2011, an informal evening of discussion and debate took place featuring Katharine Birbalsingh (teacher and author), Toby Young (journalist and author), Dr Ralph Townsend(Headmaster Winchester College), Dawn Hallybone (senior … Continue reading

Learning Without Frontiers

Learning Without Frontiers “is a global platform for disruptive thinkers and practitioners from the education, digital media, technology and entertainment sectors who come together to explore how new disruptive technologies can drive radical efficiencies and improvements in learning whilst providing equality of access.”  Their site provides listed recordings of speakers at their conferences, access to … Continue reading

Technology Entertainment and Design (TED)

Here is a link to a site which will challenge your thinking by those who have been labeled inspiring, courageous, persuasive, ingenious, fascinating, beautiful, funny and informative.  Technology Entertainment and Design (TED)  TED is nonprofit and “devoted to ideas worth spreading”.  There are over 900 talks delivered by inspirational speakers. Choose a talk and come … Continue reading

The Horizon Report

“The annual Horizon Report describes the continuing work of the [New Media Consortium] NMC’s Horizon Project, a research-oriented effort that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have considerable impact on teaching, learning, and creative expression …” This report [click on image to download] is a great example of how we can reflect … Continue reading

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