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Use of Blogs

Blogs are a great way for teachers to contribute to their profession.  Blogs can be used to communicate effective use of digital resources as well as the teaching and learning resources used in the classroom.  Successes as well as challenges can be communicated.  This contribution is made on a local and global scale.  Teachers can … Continue reading

Participate in local and global learning communities

The following links, strategies and tools are provided to inspire you to consider your involvement in both your local and global learning communities.  These communities have been selected for you to consider how technology can help to improve student learning. Your level of engagement will likely commence with the exploration and discussion of the attributes of such … Continue reading

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a more Collaborative and Interactive Classroom

Most of us have heard of Wikis and perhaps used them but here are 50 suggestions on different ways to use Wikis which you may not have considered.  The suggestions are categorised under Resource Creation, Student Participation, Group Projects, Student Interaction, For the Classroom, Community and Other. Click the image below. Following are examples of … Continue reading

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