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Book Trailers

Book trailers are a  useful way to “sell” a book to your students and other members of the school and wider community. One can design a book trailer or view a wide collection of resources available on the web. Book trailers are an effective tool in the evaluation of suitable reading material for your students.  … Continue reading

Interactive White Board – The Smart Board

The use of the smartboard is becoming increasingly common in schools. It is a useful digital technology that will enhance the learning experience for students and enable effective collaboration and communication.  The link below will take you to the Promethean website which contains a series of videos showing classroom applications for their brand of interactive whiteboard, the ActivBoard. The site … Continue reading

Google Earth

Google Earth is a digital tool that supports research and learning. It enhances the sharing of knowledge and collaboration between student and teacher. Using amazing new 3D tools developed by Google Earth your classroom can be as vast as your imagination. Accompany your students on a journey of discovery. Fly to any destination on Earth. … Continue reading

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